Project Management

Material Sourcing & Supply Chain Management

We will work with vendors to create a timeline and ensure that nothing is missing to complete your project. We will document training and organize vendors for both now and in the future. We have access to a variety of suppliers and discounts that we pass onto you. We will prepare quotes and ensure cash flow is optimized during the construction process.

Contractor Management and Planning

Once equipment is finalized we will ensure that each contractor is in place with the right information to properly install your new systems. We will create and evaluate timelines to ensure each piece of the project is completed in the correct order to avoid costly delays. We will evaluate quotes and work closely with contractors to ensure they understand the tasks they are bidding. We have access to an extensive range of contractors with experience in this industry, guaranteeing that equipment is properly set.

Process Analysis and Documentation

Once the project is complete we will perform a full analysis and documentation of the process. This will ensure that you have proper training documentation and staff on hand to successfully operate your new CEA space. This documentation and training will be in person to allow time to digest and ask questions. We want you to feel comfortable about your new business, your success drives our success.